About Me

Present to you, the owner or the queen of this blog

Hahaha, yeah that is me. (will show my pic lates, sorry)

As you can tell from my blog name, my name is Farhah. I was born in July 6th 2000 so I'm 17 (at the moment) And yes, please mark in your calendar so that I can receive my presents lol. I'm currently living in one of the countries in Southern Asia which is in Malaysia. So if you're from Malaysia, wsup bruhhhhh?? But if you're not, nah it's okay. I still love you guys, awhhh ok staphhhh! I don't know how on earth I'm going to describe myself. Okay let's just start with the basic ones.


  • Love cookies, cakes and all sweet things lol.
  • Novels. I'm into romance, family, YA, thriller, mystery and action novels but most of the time is romance lol yes typical girl.
  • Eating is the only thing that I'm good at, lol
  • I love pink, the pastel one.
  • Love blue and white and black as well, and a little of grey hahaha.
  • I rather live in the hot weather than the cold weather, I'm used to Malaysia weather lol
  • I love cats and hamsters.
  • I love dogs as well, but dogs seems hate me so yeah....
  • I love pop songs but it depends on my mood actually, when I'm feeling sad, I will choose some slow songs especially when that time of the month comes lol.
  • I love myself lol even though I'm such a weirdo but I know that I'm still cute anyway.

  • I hate snakes and lizards.
  • I hate fake people.
  • I hate people judge other people.
  • I hate body-shaming
  • I hate bully
  • I hate trump lol
  • I hate wet socks lol
  • I hate perv guys
  • I flipping hate science and school, lol
  • I hate myself for not loving myself lol.

Hahahaha okay, that's way too much, I think. If you wanna know more about me, just hit me up on my Instagram or Twitter or anywhere lol. Ok bye, love you xoxo.