Hey. What you're doing? *trying so hard not to sweating
*breathing in and out over and over 
Okay this gives me so much anxiety lol
Okay, relax babe. You can do this. Grow some balls, come on!

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Hi guyssss! OMFL
Sorry I'm kinda feeling overwhelmed right here. Only God knows how much I miss this blogging thingy world. I've left this blog since 2013, what a blogger I was? Sorry guys. Hey, but I'm back.

I still remember those days that I was really into this blogging world, omg I almost got into a newspaper lol. Gained 500+ followers but I think most of them unfollowed me already but it's okay, really. I dont mind about it all because I know my blog was quite boring lol I admit that.

So I don't know what I'm still writing now (at the moment) but hey maybe I wanna write again right? I miss my blog friends, gosh I'm trying to find them, now I know the struggle is real, lol.

I just wanna let you guys know that I'm a senior in high school now, yes time flies so fast. I'm already 17 and I'm gonna reach 18 next year, and I will enter a new chapter of my life which is the college/uni life (please pray for me so that I can make it)

I'm quite nervous and scared of what's coming next but hey I'm becoming adult and that's really amazing. Can't wait to restart my own life. Be anew and better person, enjoy even the simplest and littlest things that are going to happen. Can't wait to be free, to explore this world. I know the new chapter is going to be hard and challenging. It's not going to be easy and I know that. 

But this is how life works. Life is not about having rainbow all the time, sometimes you might be so much fcked up but that's okay, really okay. This is life, you see. Sometimes we pass and sometimes we fail. But the failures makes us a little bit stronger somehow. I know it's hard but once you pass it, you start to realize how much strong you could ever be. So keep it up! 

I'm seriously don't have any idea of what I'm going to be, what I'm going to do. I'm so messed up, lol but hey let's just see how it goes. Let's just go with the flow. I believe that God already planned my life so perfectly, not trying to be pious or something but I know things will get so much better sooner and later.

I do have plans in my life. I wanna be a businesswoman, or psychologist or teacher or a writer, damn that's a lot but hey better I have some than don't have anything to be right? Right? lol

40 days before my final exam and I'm not well-prepared yet lol. Wish me luck guys. I think that's all from me now. Hope that I can write again in this bloody messy blog of mine. And goodbye, for now 


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